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Our Mission

Committed to providing the most competitive pipeline solutions and services, and growing together with all partners

Corporate vision

Become a world-class copper supply chain service company


1. Careful service

Human beings yearn for a better life. The main indicator of whether a country is developed is its level of industrialization and production automation. The copper industry provides basic materials for the development of the national economy and industrialization, such as energy and chemical industry, transportation, construction, machinery and equipment manufacturing, and civil undertakings. In a certain sense, the development status of a country's copper industry also reflects the degree of development of its national economy.

Capway is committed to providing customers with the most competitive copper solutions and services, providing favorable guarantees and convenient services for promoting the integration of industry resources and the construction of the national economy, and supporting different customers to meet individual and differentiated needs.

To this end, we actively innovate, relying on leading product integration capabilities; professional technical docking capabilities and mature logistics distribution system; introducing cloud computing, smart office, warehouse automation and other technologies to provide customers with the most competitive solutions And service.

2. Personalized experience

The entire society is accelerating the in-depth integration of industries, large-scale replication of industrialized production and customized personalized experiences, all of which are constantly spurring enterprise innovation, promoting ecological synergy and user experience.

On the basis of providing customers with standardization of products and services, the Deputy Capwayprovides deep insight into customer needs and agile innovation by enhancing its own advantages, providing customers with personalized service experience, and promoting large-scale innovation through industrial integration and collaboration.

3. Intelligent platform

By building an informatization system, combining advanced information technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, and smart warehousing to build an intelligent platform, the deputy fund improves the organization and operation methods, innovates business models, and implements digital transformation. Joint ecological partners to provide customers with competitive, safe, reliable and convenient solutions and services to meet customer needs, achieve business collaborative innovation, and enhance competitiveness.

Core values and business philosophy

Core value

1. Honesty——The way to be a person, stand up and build a career

2. High efficiency——Pursue excellence and operate efficiently

3. Struggle——Happy struggle, love dedication

4. Continue to innovate——Be brave to open up and continue to innovate

5. Win-win cooperation —— Grow together and develop harmoniously.

Business development goals

Through the establishment of standard business processes, simplified operation order, and diverse solutions and services, we can meet the different needs of customers and provide customers with continuous support throughout the process. Create and improve an intelligent platform and ecosystem, operate steadily and develop continuously, and become a leading steel supply chain service provider in the industry. While working hard to serve the society and create value returns for shareholders, we seek the harmonious development of the company's employees, shareholders, customers and society.