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Copper sheet classification

Source:    Time:06 May 2023

Copper sheet can be divided into brass plate copper sheet, sheet copper Copper sheet, green copper sheet, White Copper sheet and other types according to different materials and brand differences. The following is a detailed introduction to copper sheet points Li.

1. Brass plate

As a widely used brass plate made of lead brass, it has many advantages such as easy cutting, cold and hot processing, excellent mechanical properties, etc. It is very suitable for making some structural parts (such as gaskets, etc.). Brass plate has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties. It has good mechanical processing performance at low temperature and high heat. According to this characteristic, it can be used to make corrosion-resistant parts on ships, oil pipes and other products.

2. Sheet copper

The thickness of sheet copper is generally about 50mm. Its mechanical tensile strength is greater than 315, elongation is greater than 30, hot working temperature is 650 to 850 ℃, and low temperature annealing temperature is between 270 degrees Celsius and 300 degrees Celsius.

The mechanical properties of sheet copper are relatively good in the copper plate family. Plasticity is OK at low temperature, but its plasticity is relatively good at high temperature, because it cuts, resists corrosion, easy welding and affordable use is common.

3. White copper plate

The main element added to the white copper plate is nickel, and then some other elements are added in a small amount. According to the different names of the added elements, for example, the third element added is zinc, which is called zinc white copper plate, manganese white copper plate added with manganese, and aluminum white copper plate added with aluminum. This copper-nickel alloy has excellent plasticity, strong corrosion resistance but medium strength, and can be processed at low temperature and high temperature. Because of its excellent electrical properties, it is also used to make thermocouple except for structural materials.


At present, there are so many types of copper bar, so many manufacturers, and so many price differences. How can we correctly choose copper bar products?

1. Correct size

First of all, users should choose the appropriate size according to their actual use requirements to avoid secondary processing and cutting after purchase. Here, we can recommend the size through our own technicians, copper sheet recommended by the manufacturer to choose the right purchase;

2. Correct material selection

Through the study of copper sheet materials, we know sheet copper Copper sheet, brass plate copper sheet and white copper sheet, and each copper sheet has more detailed material classification, therefore, when purchasing, we must ask in detail whether the material composition meets our own requirements for circuit and electrical parameters? The selection of materials must be careful to avoid the occurrence of wrong selection and unavailability;

3. Correct price selection

After determining the copper sheet size and material to be purchased, you need to choose a more reasonable price through comparison and screening. However, when you choose the price of copper sheet, remember not to believe the seller's one-sided remarks (especially the copper sheet manufacturers who cooperated for the first time). We need to actually test and test the copper sheet materials before we can judge them, especially for copper sheet with low prices, special attention should be paid to prevent merchants from being affected by their own use and economic losses.

4. Correct selection of manufacturers

At present, there are so many copper sheet manufacturers in the market. How can we choose correctly? First of all, we need to check whether the manufacturer has Copper sheet market and operating qualifications through various channels. Secondly, we need to have a detailed understanding of the basic situation of the manufacturer, including scale, reputation, service, etc, finally, we should pay special attention to the after-sales service of the manufacturer. If the copper sheet products we bought encounter quality problems and the size errors of the shipment can be handled in a timely manner, we recommend that you choose the copper industry.


Because copper sheet has strong corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and its technical characteristics, it is usually used in the production and manufacture of corrosion-resistant equipment, conductive equipment and thermal conductivity equipment, such as cables, conductive screws, pipes, chemical evaporator, etc. Copper sheet can also be bent and deep drawn to make various stressed parts, such as radiator parts, pipes, screens, washers, Rivet, pins, etc.

Causes and Prevention Methods of copper sheet bonding

According to the reaction of some users, the Copper sheet purchased by themselves are bonded during storage, so what causes it and how to prevent it?

Bonding reason

1. Copper sheet bonding caused by too rough surface;

2. Winding tension is particularly large, resulting in entanglement;

3. Copper sheet during the production process, the annealing temperature is too high or the heat preservation time is too long;

4. Copper sheet uneven heating in the production process leads to different expansion between each layer;

5. The cooling speed is too fast, resulting in the difference in shrinkage coefficient between the inner and outer rolls.

Among the above reasons for bonding, the second and the third are necessary conditions, and any point in the fourth and fifth are returned to the occurrence of child adhesion.

Preventive measures

1. Pay special attention to maintaining moderate tension before taking copper sheet coupons for annealing;

2. Pay special attention to the heating and cooling speed during the production of copper sheet. Too fast and too slow may lead to bonding;

3. Reduce the annealing temperature and shorten the heat preservation time to prevent bonding according to the actual situation;

4. In order to reduce the roughness by copper sheet, the smoothness of the rolling mill should be improved.

Copper sheet storage requirements

1. Since the surface of copper sheet has not been tinned, we should store it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid the formation of copper sheet on the surface of copper oxide caused by storage in dark and humid places, affect the conductivity and appearance of Copper sheet;

2. Copper sheet products should be stored indoors and should not be placed outdoors. Outdoor products will be exposed to wind and rain, which will easily cause damage to copper rod;

3. In the process of storage and transportation of copper sheet, we should adhere to the principle of taking it lightly to avoid scratches and dents on the surface of copper rod.

4. When storing copper sheet, you must install each copper bar model, length, width and other directions to distinguish and classify them, so as to avoid the phenomenon of taking copper sheet incorrectly.

Copper sheet storage requirements

What are the requirements when you store copper sheet of this product? When you don't know these requirements, you may have various problems in your copper sheet, however, when you know the requirement of storing copper sheet, it can make it more convenient for you to store copper sheet and improve the service life of copper sheet.

1. Copper sheet the surface of this product has not been tinned, (you can negotiate with the manufacturer if necessary) so store copper sheet in a dry and ventilated environment. Do not place copper sheet in a dark and humid environment, which will cause copper sheet of the surface to form copper oxide, if the phenomenon occurs, it will affect the electrical conductivity of this product Copper sheet and its appearance.

2. Copper sheet must be placed outdoors because the phenomenon of wind and rain will occur outside. If the loss of copper sheet is very serious, it only needs one time to make copper sheet appear copper rust.

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